4 Tips To Customise Your Office Reception By Commercial Fit Out Company In Dubai

According to various Commercial fit out company in Dubai, first impressions are crucial when it comes to In industries. The first experience shapes any subsequent encounter, whether it's a client meeting your team for the first time, a customer contacting your customer service centre, or even a visit to your website. This is why a poor first impression can be difficult to overcome.

Consider your reception area as the first impact your organisation makes on a variety of people, including customers, potential workers, and investors. It is important that the design of your office reception area represents who you are as a company and ensures that your guests see you in that light.

1. Build to Last

Your reception area is both the first point of contact for visitors and the busiest in your office. As a result, choosing long-lasting and durable materials and finishes is critical to ensuring that your reception looks great and is easy to maintain.

Materials like wool or nylon low pile carpets are suitable for high traffic areas, and laminates or vinyl surfacing will provide a clean looking atmosphere that is easy to clean in the event of spills. Furthermore, both materials are simple to substitute when renovating an office, saving you time and effort.

2. Enough Room

The capacity of office receptions to serve as impromptu meeting rooms, whether among your staff or with new clients or vendors, is an often overlooked side function. It's also worthwhile to go the extra mile and add some extra room and seating to your reception area so that small meetings can be held without obstructing traffic flow. Apart from giving it a lively feel, it also allows clients and guests to relax in a less formal environment rather than feeling on edge like they would in a formal meeting space.

3. Choose the Correct Furniture

The right office furniture, in addition to the correct layout, lighting, and flooring, plays a vital role in the design of your reception room. Choosing the right furniture has a huge effect on your visitors' minds.

According to Office fitout companies in Dubai, the focal point of your reception should be your reception desk. It can be a stylish statement about your company and brand with the right lighting, design, and colour.

Seating is also crucial; it should preferably be of good quality and comfortable. Casual meetings are often made easier with a combination of single and double seating.

4. Demonstrate Your Brand Image

There is no better place to show the company's brand identity than at the front desk. Your company's best qualities should be reflected in your office reception, which serves as an introduction to your clients about your company's history. Your reception should represent your core values, whether they be openness, honesty, innovation, or creativity. Using the company logo and selecting a complementary colour scheme helps to create a clear visual identity that stays in the minds of the visitors.

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